COTTON LOURD BZV3 - GREG - 60424/015

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Ideal for warming up an outfit composed of gray or blue, the BZV3 brightens up your winter wardrobe. Enriching your looks with its texture and color, it will easily complement a navy knit, a white shirt or a camel overcoat, and can even be worn in color block for an assertive look.

These pants are cut from 100% cotton drill, which has been sandblasted to give it all its softness and warm feel. The material is said to be “dyed-yarn” (before weaving), thus allowing an exceptional tinctorial hold. Characterized by an intense brick red color and rich reflections, it is adorned with a slightly mottled effect. Perfectly suited to the coldest days, its weight also ensures that the piece falls flawlessly.

Fitted pants

watch pocket

Lowered front pillar

Slant pockets

Back pockets

Double piping


Narrow bottom

100% cotton


The BZV3 is cut in a 100% cotton drill, emerized for maximum softness and a warm hand.

Wire tone, the material comes in a beige Morandi color, in homage to the famous painter who had made it his favorite palette.

Enriching your looks with its embossing texture and color, your pants break with the winter gray.

Through the BZV3, the classic tailored trousers are modernized. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted cut at the leg, and a slightly lowered waist to bring ease to the silhouette.