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The new classic 

Hyphen between versatility and performance, the BZV3 adapts to all situations.

It can be worn as much in a dressed register, accompanied by a shirt and a blazer, as with more casual pieces, such as a colored polo shirt or a knitted T-shirt.

Without ever renouncing elegance, a new form of ease is offered to you.

The BZV3 is cut from a technical wool canvas, supple and light at the same time. Designed as a performance alternative to formal tailored trousers, it combines functionality and refinement.

Its elastane fibers allow it to naturally accompany all your movements: thanks to its bi-directional stretch, it offers total comfort.

Soft and crease-resistant, the material is also water-repellent to preserve your look in the event of a downpour. It also has an anti-stain treatment, for the easiest maintenance possible.

Fitted pants

Lowered front pillar

Slant pockets

Back pockets

Double piping


18cm bottom 

60% laine

38% polyester

2% lycra

430 gr

The BZV3 is cut from a technical wool fabric, exclusive to Maison Zins, with exceptional properties. Pants designed to follow you wherever you go, their elastane fibers allow them to naturally accompany all your movements thanks to the comfort of their warp and weft stretch. Water-repellent to maintain your look in the event of a downpour, it also has a stain-resistant treatment for the easiest possible upkeep. Adapted to winter, its weight guarantees the beauty of its fall.

Through the BZV3, the classic tailored trousers are modernized. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted cut at the leg, and a slightly lowered waist to bring ease to the silhouette.