Knowing your pant size is essential, both in terms of style and comfort.

True to its engineering heritage, the House meticulously designs each fit for enhanced elegance and a natural feel, regardless of your silhouette.

Therefore, choosing the right size isn’t that difficult, thanks to this simple tip...

Measuring your waist

Grab a measuring tape.

Place it between the top of your hips and your navel, over a shirt to simulate real conditions, and keep it as close to your body as possible.

Take the measurement, subtract 8, then divide by 2. You now know your size!

In the Zins Wardrobe

If you're already the proud owner of a BZV3 in size 44, then the same size will be suitable for a BAC Y or chino chic bermuda shorts.

The same applies to our women's models.

In case of an exception, we will ensure to provide you with specific information. 

Going further

Our size guide