Since its inception, the House has been driven by the desire to put tailoring quality in the hands - or rather the legs! - of as many people as possible.

Building on its engineering expertise, it creates precise silhouettes, designed to sublimate the person wearing them. 


Between retro influences and modernized tailoring, classic or athletic physique, discover which cuts suit you best. 

BERNARD ZINS men's fit

BZV3: the foolproof silhouette

A contemporary take on tailored pants, the BZV3 combines a fitted leg with a classic waist. 


Designed for everyday wear, it will lend itself to all styles, from formal to casual.


BZV3 2PF: quintessential tailoring

On the same base, the BZV3 2PF features a double French pleat. The House's technical signature, it ensures elegance and comfort. 


The ultimate sartorial detail: you can add two tightening buckles at the waist, for an absolutely flawless fit.


BZV2: the House's great classic

A staple in our repertoire, the BZV2 is characterized by a straight leg and a timeless look. 


You can also choose it oversized, for a looser silhouette with more attitude.


WILLIAM: the pants for athletic figures

Elegant and comfortable, the WILLIAM is the well-built figures’ pants.


Designed for strong legs, it features a perfectly fitted line and a high waist for comfort.

To come

BAC Y: the ZINS spirit

Putting a new spin on our archives, the BAC Y seduces with its retro yet modern feel. 


Pairing a slim leg to a fuller thigh with a double French pleat, it pays homage to Parisian elegance and the Saint-Germain-des-Prés style that has inspired the House since its inception.


The BERNARD ZINS fits for women

CITY: an everyday uniform

Inspired by menswear tailoring, the City is a cigarette pants suitable for every occasion. 


Modern with its tapered leg and mid-waist, it follows your moves with elegance and ease.


COLVERT: the timeless trousers

Designed for all styles, the Colvert is a House staple. 


Trend-proof, it features a straight leg and a high waist to structure the silhouette, flattering every body type.


CHLOÉ: the retro chic

Blending vintage references with a contemporary silhouette, the Chloé evokes 60’s and 70’s elegance.


With its sculptural high waist, and wide leg for maximum comfort, it elevates each look effortlessly.


SAND: an ode to power dressing

Noticeable for its androgynous line and tailoring influences, the Sand subtly reinvents power dressing. 


Featuring a straight cut with a wide leg, it adopts a high waist with two pleats that enhance the silhouette for a unique look.


BOAT: the anatomical cut

Reflecting the engineer's expertise, the BOAT fits the body's natural curves. 


Paired with a fitted leg and classic waist, its bias stitching follows the contour of the silhouette, making it a must-have in your wardrobe.