Modern and timeless at the same time, Zins pants are a wardrobe of subtly assertive essentials.

A Zins pant is a living pant, able to move and adapt to everyday adventures.
They follow every movement, and accompany the wearer on every occasion. Natural, obvious and imperceptibly worn, they become an extension of the wearer.
As beautiful right side up as they are inside out, Zins pants are the fruit of expertise acquired over decades, and of a unique eye for the piece that concentrates all the House's know-how. Every seam is meticulously crafted, taking on average twice as long as most other brands to ensure perfection.


Reverse sewing

The fitting of the waistbands is similar to that of a tailor's suit, so that the waistband is not too stiff or distorted.

The buttonholes

They feature an eyelet, locking stitch and pass-through thread, to ensure flexibility and support.

The buttons

The tail of the button is fixed durably thanks to a thermos-welded wire.

Knee lining

Knee lining prevents poaching: the deformation of fabric at the knees.

Belt loop

They are blind-stitched, saddle-mounted and ironed before mounting for impeccable sharpness.


Stitches are kept as short as possible: 6 stitches per centimeter for greater strength.

The adjustment

In the workshop, check, stripe and velvet fabrics are adjusted in the right direction and connected to the pockets and waistband. Fronts, sides and backs are perfectly matched.

The pocket bag

It is assembled "piqued-turned" with a view to accentuating the clean and solidity. It is not caught in the lining to ensure greater ease.


We use twisted yarns to prevent fraying when the pants are put on.

under deck

The traditional under-bridge with buttonhole in the extension of the waistband seam, allows the man to be better supported in his pants.

Innovation, choice of fabrics, precision cuts and manufacturing quality are the four pillars of these essentials.

In its quest for the perfect trouser, Zins continues to innovate season after season, developing unique manufacturing methods based on 10 golden rules laid down by its founder, a vision that is perpetuated today, while reflecting on the context of tomorrow, to ensure that Zins pants always remain those in which we feel most comfortable.