At the heart of excellence lies precision.

For 55 years, the Pantalonnier Engineer has been looking after all the seams to offer you an impeccable look and outstanding comfort: more than just clothing, your pants are an extension of yourself.

In this regard, each morphology presents its specificities and, while the House applies to create for the greatest number, it may happen that an adjustment is necessary. Waist, leg length or even a Hedge… Small guide to the possible touch-up on your pants, so that it goes to you like no other!

A perfectly fitted waistband

The first indicator of comfort is the waistband.

If you feel tight around this area, you can slightly expand it using the small excess fabric provided on both sides of the seam — which is not the case with all brands.

On the other hand, if you feel like you’re lacking support, you can also tighten this part of your trousers.

Redefining the lower leg

You can alter the lower leg by readjusting the pants from the knee.

This type of operation will allow you to modify the leg opening.

However, we draw your attention to one point: you'll need to entrust your trousers to a skilled alterer to preserve the original fit's look.

Choosing the Hem

To shorten overly long trousers, or because you prefer a particular style, several options are available.


You can opt for a simple bottom, an invisible stitching, or a turn-up (3 to 5 cm) according to your preference.

From the belt to the hem, each fit contributes to your allure, accurately sculpting the elegance of your figure. In case of doubt, our team will be more than welcome to guide you!