"A great pair of pants is one that lets you forget the one you've just left."

- M. Bernard Zins

We're not seeking fame.

We are appreciated by insiders, by those who know how to distinguish style from trend and refinement from ostentation.


In the era of overexposure, the ultimate luxury is meant to be discreet.

At least as much as the elegance of our pants and the accuracy of their appearance, like an extension of oneself in its own right.

We believe that the expertise is in the detail, that an engineering fit and the comfort it offers are worth more than a logo.

That the fashion cycle must slow down, reanchor itself in reality and find humans.

From weirs to manufacturers, we only work with hand-held partners, sharing both our demands and our values.

Talents also believing in the beauty of simplicity, in the importance of quality and in the strength of purity, all while respecting the environment.

BERNARD ZINS is above all the story of passionate men and women.

Reflecting on the pants of tomorrow today, it has been a family affair for two generations now.

What if you join her?
Welcome to House Zins.