In a world of trends, we would rather be a classic.


Discover a wardrobe where fashion transcends seasons to follow the pace of your desires.

Since 1967, the House has made subtlety its signature, capturing the spirit of the times and making it timeless.

Blending influences, it composes its collections like a symphony woven with art, history, and design, always under the Engineer’s sharp eye…

A unique approach to pants making

The House's work resembles that of a designer more than a fashion creator.

Treating trousers as the essential cornerstone of an outfit, it envisions them in their most refined yet functional form, proving that simplicity results from intricate thought.

Leaving nothing to chance, each detail conveys an attitude while naturally following your movements.

An engineering feat dedicated to your presence, proclaiming elegance as a way of life.

Un eye for beauty

Inspiration can be found everywhere.
In the sunlight grazing our historic factory in Northern France, the purity of a Japanese building or the intensity of a Matisse collage.
Drawing on these influences, the House imagines pants as a canvas with multiple references.
From one discipline to another, it nourishes its vision to continue designing a beauty that is both implacable and silent...

A nuance with soft power

Your Zins combines heritage and modernity every day.
Cuts take shape with finesse, patterns whisper and contrasts soften.
Tartans are reinvented, palettes of gray and beige are enriched by an infinity of tones, while cuts draw their inspiration from the 70s to rewrite tailoring.
From the richness of velvet to the lightness of linen, each fabric combines character and discretion to give free rein to your personality.