With its history, the House has always placed innovation at the heart of its work.

Driven by the search for the ideal pant, taking the combination of chic and technical sophistication a step further, her quest led to the creation of her Voyage collection.
Conceived as a high-performance alternative to tailored pants, its features give a boost to everyday adventures, as well as to the greatest.
Embark, destination style...

Exclusive fabrics with unique properties

Each of our travelwear models is cut from an exclusive technical wool fabric, with unsuspected properties beneath its classic appearance.
As elegant as your favorite pants, but also stretchy, water-repellent, stain-resistant and crease-resistant, your Zins will stand up to anything.
And best of all, it's easy to care for in the washing machine.

A model for every wardrobe

Under bright sun or rainy weather, amidst clouds or at home, your travelwear trousers are your best ally.

For both men and women, explore a varied range of cuts and materials: solid colors or Prince of Wales patterns, heathered camel or stormy gray tones, straight or fitted leg, summer, winter, or all-season fabric…

Subtle and practical at once, your pants are easy to match in order to always adapt to your needs.

A new classic

With its travelwear line, the House continues to think about the tailoring of the future.

Merging form and function perfectly, your trousers faithfully accompany you in your experiences.

Adapting to all styles with its timeless feel and impeccable fit, the everyday uniform reinvents itself for foolproof looks on every level. 

What if you could wear tomorrow's wardrobe today?


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