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Offering the silhouette the same support as jeans, with the elegance of tailored trousers, chinos are the ultimate versatile trouser. Icon of the preppy and the Ivy League, it goes easily with a shirt under a blazer, whether it is accompanied by a tie or unbuttoned the collar. A look consisting of an overcoat, a thick knit and ankle boots will subtly recall its military origins, embodying a timeless style. Worn with a vintage sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers, it will take on a more casual air while emphasizing your look thanks to the precision of its cut. To be completed with a suede calfskin jacket, a pea coat or a trench coat according to your wishes...  

The chic chinos are cut in a thick stretch cotton gabardine, containing 2% elastane for maximum comfort. Emerized, the material offers an ultra-soft touch reinforcing its feeling of comfort, and a winter weight guaranteeing the beauty of its fall. Dyed according to an artisanal method, making it possible to limit the use of controversial substances for health and the environment, each piece comes in an exclusive color. This season, the House is adopting a palette that pays a vibrant tribute to nature and its diversity, giving pride of place to earthy, mineral or vegetal shades, in subtle tones. Curry, autumn leaves, tobacco, avocado or even midnight blue make up a range that is as rich as it is easy to match, perfectly suited to the season. Also machine washable, the BZV3 adapts to your dynamic daily life.

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Fitted trousers

The chic autumn/winter chino is cut from thick stretch cotton gabardine, with an ultra-soft feel for extra comfort. Limiting the use of controversial substances, each piece is dyed using an artisanal method. Machine washable, the BZV3 adapts to your dynamic pace.

The BZV3 embodies the contemporary version of tailored trousers. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted leg and a classic waist.Perfectly balanced, it lends itself to both dressy and casual wardrobes.

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