The jeans, seen by the pantalonnier engineer

When the Engineer tackles denim, it is with all the requirement that characterizes it!

He opts for a stretch cotton canvas in rich tones, selected from the best cotton artisans.

Allocating a tailor cut and a material that is the most elegant of the jeans.

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- Fitted pants
- Watch pocket
- Slant pockets
- Revolver pockets
- Double piping
- Zipper closure
- Narrow bottom

The BZV3 is cut in Japanese stretch cotton denim, a country with historical know-how.For more flexibility, the canvas was washed by our workshop-partner, following an environmentally friendly protocol.
Exclusive, its indigo blue color fits every piece of your locker room.

The BROTHER embodies the contemporary version of the suit pants. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted leg and a classic waist.Perfectly balanced, it lends itself to both dressy and casual wardrobes.

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