LIN BZV3-BLUE SYRAH - 60324/049

A stopover in Madras...

The Maison's iconic pattern takes on a sunny twist.

Discover the BZV3 in pure linen fabric inspired by Madras and its reimagined tartan.
A true summer essential, your trousers are adaptable to every look.

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The BZV3 is cut from pure linen fabric, as lightweight as it is breathable. Drawing inspiration from Madras fabrics, it blends different tones in a harmonious and easy-to-wear palette. An ideal pair of trousers to add a touch of originality to your wardrobe.

Through the BZV3, the classic tailored trousers are modernized. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted cut at the leg, and a slightly lowered waist to bring ease to the silhouette.

SKU: +BZV3 60324/049