Pushing the limits of taloring

Play with the codes of tailor art, the Maison is inspired this time by jeans.

With technique as a playground, she chooses a stretch serge, water-repellent and anti-stain, whose relief and color subtly borrow from denim.

Ideal for your casial chic look, pair your BZV3 with a polo shirt and a suet bloube, an oversized roll neck, or just a white linen shirt on summer days.

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- Fitted pants
- Watch pocket
- Slant pockets
- Revolver pockets
- Double piping
- Zipper closure
- Narrow bottom
- 43% wool
- 55% polyester
- 2% lycra
- 290 gr.

Designed to keep up with your adventures, the BZV3 can be worn all year round. Cut from a denim-like technical wool twill, it combines style and performance for a look that's always impeccable. The nuanced sapphire-blue color is as easy to match as a pair of jeans.

The BZV3 is a contemporary take on tailored pants. Suitable for all body types, it features a fitted leg and a classic waist. Perfectly balanced, it lends itself equally well to a formal or casual wardrobe.

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