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A Bernard Zins year

Discover one of the icons of the House's repertoire, and probably soon one of your own.

T Blown in an exceptional pure wool flank, the BroTHER completes each outfit with elegance.

The ideal companion of a white shirt, knit tie and a tweet blazer, it will perfectly lend itself to more relaxed pieces in casual chic casual or sportswear accents.

- Fitted pants
- Watch pocket
- Slant pockets
- Revolver pockets
- Double piping
- Zipper closure
- Narrow bottom
The BZV3 70850 is cut from a heavy winter flannel with a perfect fall.

It is a House-exclusive fabric, the re-edition of a historic reference in its repertoire.

Available in subtle yet easy-to-match colors, your pants will fit in with any style.
The BZV3 is a contemporary take on tailored pants.

Suitable for all body types, it features a fitted leg and a classic waist.

Perfectly balanced, it lends itself equally well to a formal or casual wardrobe.