The new classic

Cut from a Winter Travel canvas, the Sand was designed as a technical alternative to tailored trousers.

A link between chic and performance, it offers unique properties: water-repellent, stretchy, stain-resistant and self-steaming, it effectively protects you from the cold.

Without ever giving up elegance, a new form of ease is offered to you, wherever you go.

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- Wide pants
- Right leg 
- Tall 
- Two Italian folds 
- Slant pockets
- Bas large 25,5 cm

The Sand is cut from a technical wool fabric with an impeccable drape, ideal in winter.Under its classic appearance, it offers all the necessary properties to protect you. Available in a black color with deep tones, it can easily be combined with your entire wardrobe.

Inspired by power dressing, the Sand borrows the codes of the male wardrobe. It has a straight cut with a wide leg, as well as a high waist and two Italian pleats structuring the silhouette. Sculptural, it is enough to enhance the simplest of your looks.

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