DENIM BIO BZV3 - NAVY - 6134/049

Denim, reimagined

Who said denim couldn't be tailored?

Far from the classic jeans, the Maison reinterprets it through the BZV3 and its unbeatable style.

With its organic cotton and deep color, it will remain by your side all mid-season long.

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- Fitted pants
- Watch pocket
- Slant pockets
- Revolver pockets
- Double piping
- Zipper closure
- Narrow bottom

The BZV3 is cut from a denim fabric made from organic cotton. Supple and comfortable, it moves naturally with you. Discover this fabric like you've never worn it before.

The BZV3 embodies the contemporary version of tailored trousers. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted leg and a classic waist.Perfectly balanced, it lends itself to both dressy and casual wardrobes.

SKU: +BZV3 6134/049