The best of Japan "Shizu": silence, calm, serenity.

Discover our exclusive Japanese corduroy range, of which only two workshops have the secret.

Ode to subtlety, it offers exceptional softness and a color with unique tones. A combination of know-how and allure, you won't imagine winter without it.

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- Fitted pants
- watch pocket
- Lowered front pillar
- Slant pockets
- Back pockets
- Double piping
- zipper
- Narrow bottom
- 98% Cotton
- 2% elastane

The BZV3 is cut in a Japanese velvet with outstanding quality, exclusivity of the House. Obtained from long cotton fibers thanks to rare machines, it results from a long and meticulous process. Presenting large, perfectly bounded ribs and a tight structure, it will accompany you year after year.Both original and easy to wear, its storm blue shade is ideal for a touch of color.

Through the BZV3, the classic tailored trousers are modernized. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted cut at the leg, and a slightly lowered waist to bring ease to the silhouette.

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