LIN BZV3 - OPTICAL WHITE - 60208/000

Eco (and style) friendly

The BZV3 reinterprets the classic linen pants.

Woven from French organic linen, it reflects the House's desire to support this sector's development for a more sustainable fashion.

With a polo under a slack jacket, a cotton voile shirt or an oversized tee, how will you wear it this summer?

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- Fitted pants
- Watch pocket
- Slant pockets
- Revolver pockets
- Double piping
- Zipper closure
- Narrow bottom

Eco-designed hand in hand with our partner spinning mill, the BZV3 is cut from a 100% organic linen twill.   Yarn-dyed with natural pigments, it features the characteristic texture of this fiber.    Comfortable, your pants fall perfectly.

The BZV3 embodies the contemporary version of tailored trousers. Suitable for all body types, it has a fitted leg and a classic waist.Perfectly balanced, it lends itself to both dressy and casual wardrobes.

SKU: +BZV3 60208/000