A place in the sun

The BZV3 2PF is cut for the season.

Cut from a rustic canvas of authentic relief, it is the perfect alliance of an elegant cut and a casual material.

Ideal companion of a white T-shirt, it can also be paired with a lin shirt for a look full of texture.

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- Slightly adjusted cut
- 2 French pleats
- Watch pocket
- Bias pockets
- 2 back pockets
- Zipper closure
- Narrow bottom

BZV3 2PF is cut from 100% linen braided yarn. Its beige marble colour is enhanced by the richness of its texture. Ideal for summer, linen is an eco-friendly fibre by nature.

A modern tribute to tailoring tradition, the BZV3 2PF draws on retro references. It features a fitted leg enhanced with a House-signature double French pleat, and a classic waist with tightening buckles. A natural match for elegant pieces, it will also become the central asset of your casual outfits.

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